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June 5-7, 2019 :: 37th Annual Conference :: Skidmore College

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June 6-8, 2018 :: 36th Annual Conference :: The College at Brockport, SUNY

Pre-Conference Presentations:

Session 1:
Solution-Focused Approaches

»PowerPoint slides
»Film Clip 2: Questions Handout 
»General Solution Focused Question Sequence
Christine Sweeney

Session 2:
Attachment Goes to College: Basic Needs and College Counseling
»PowerPoint slides
»ACE Score Calculator
»Attachment Questionnaire
»Case Worksheet
»The Effect of Trauma on the Brain
David W. Eckert

Keynote Presentation:

Cultivating Staff and Lessons Learned: Reflections on 30 Years in College Counseling

»PowerPoint slides
Mark D. Thompson

Holistic Coaching: When Your ‘Game-Face’ Is Not Enough
»PowerPoint slides
Christian Beck & Najla Hrustanović

The Evolution of a Counseling Center:  From Traditional to Triage
»PowerPoint slides
Beth Cholette & Madeline Velázquez

Irest® Meditation on the College Campus
»PowerPoint slides
Sheila Figliotti

DBT: Not Just For Our Clients
»PowerPoint slides
»Words for Emotions handout
»Franklin Deep-Breathing Activity
Alison Franklin

Mental Health First Aid: Coming to a Campus Near You: How to Build a Mental Health Training Program, Practical Applications, and the Importance of Leveraging Community Partnerships
»PowerPoint slides
Lisa French, Kim Cruell-Munn, Heather Cruz, Cheri Alvarez

Coming Out in College: How Counselors Can Support LGBTQ Identity Development and Self-Acceptance
»PowerPoint slides
Emma Hager & Charlene J. Vetter

SUNY Oswego Counseling Services Center CONNECT PROGRAM
»PowerPoint slides
Vince Markowsky & Patrick Devendorf

Balancing Act: Strategies for Working with Athletic Departments and Student-Athletes
»PowerPoint slides
Joe Monserrat & Joyce Dewitt-Parker

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June 7-9, 2017 :: 35th Annual Conference :: Buffalo State College

No documents

June 8-10 2016 :: 34th Annual Conference :: Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Pre-Conference: Campus Climate, Social Justice, and Counseling Centers
»Breakout Notes
»Counseling Center handout
Cory Wallack, Dr. Jeffrey Ng, Juanita K Martin
Constructing an Equitable Exchange: Social Justice & Diversity in Counseling Groups
»PowerPoint slides
John A. Asuncion

How to Fall in Love with Session Limits & Do Transformative Short-Term Work
»PowerPoint slides
Michael Alcée

June 4 -5, 2015 :: 33rd Annual Conference :: Le Moyne College and Syracuse University

Alcohol and Drug Violations: Current Trends with the Assessment Process
»PowerPoint slides
Michael Siembor, Patrick Monette, Angelica Dellapenna

BeWise Peer Educators:   From Concept to Implementation
»PowerPoint slides
Edward Millet & Beth Salatti

Coping with Family Trauma
»PowerPoint slides
Jack Mack

Experiments in Happiness
»PowerPoint slides
Mark Rice, Melissa Fallon- Korb, David Walden & Deb Harper

Helping the Help-Rejecting Student
»PowerPoint slides: Part 1
»PowerPoint slides: Part 2
Shelly Lear, Mark Rice, Darlene Schmitt, Camille Simonetti

Professional Needs of College Counselors
»PowerPoint slides

Sharon Mitchell & Liz Snider

Sexual Assault:  Increasing Program Relevance and Efficacy on College Campuses
»PowerPoint slides
Maria Randazzo & Michelle Scott

The Animals are Coming!
»PowerPoint slides
»Additional Resources
»Assistance Animal Agreement
»Disabilities & Housing
»Fair Housing Information
»Sample letter
Julie Hawkins

Using Imagination, Hypnosis & Metaphor to Increase Resilience
»PowerPoint slides
Shelly Lear & Mary Wake

LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence
»PowerPoint slides
Charlene Vetter & Andrew Wurl

June 5 -7, 2013 :: 31st Annual Conference :: Colgate University

Keynote ~ See You Around Campus: Why People Help, Why They Don’t and What to Do About It
»PowerPoint slides
Carrie Keating

I Didn’t Know You Could Do That! Wait, How Do You Do That?: Ways Titanium Can Make Your Life Easier
»PowerPoint slides
»Titanium User Manual for Client Management
Shelly Lear

Rape Prevention Eduction: Re-Thinking Our Strategies
»PowerPoint slides
»Re-Think Campaign website
Rebecca Harrington

Sensorimotor Therapy
John Bailey

Utilizing an Eating Disorder Treatment Team Approach with College Students
»PowerPoint slides
»Counselors As Mental Health Consultants
»Accessing ED Treatment Team
»Eating Disorders Resources
»ED Treatment Team Release
»Level of Care Chart
»Levels of Care for Clients with Eating Disorders
»When to Use ED Team
Sharon L. Mitchell, Althea Maduramente & Jessalyn Klein

Happiness at Work

Deb Harper, Lourdes Brache-Tabar

Inside Out: Facilitating a Discussion Group for LGBTQ Students
»PowerPoint slides
Charlene J. Vetter

(Un)Motivated for Change: Using Motivational Interviewing in Group Therapy
»PowerPoint slides
Amanda Tyson-Ryba & Michelle Olandese

NY SAFE Act: What Does it Mean for Our Practice?
»PowerPoint slides
Steve Byrne, Melissa Fallon, Bob Kazin & Joan McCool

Working with victims of Biased Acts
»PowerPoint slides
Melissa Fallon, Marta Guzmán, Kimberli Andridge, Jeanne Keahon, Brandon Roman & Shawn Bubany

Protected Communication For Mental Health Workers
»Presentation and handouts
Michael Herzbrun

June 1-3, 2011 :: 29th Annual Conference :: Ithaca College

Keynote: Substance Use and Mental Health on College Campuses: Implications for Counseling and Prevention
»PowerPoint slides
Jason R. Kilmer

Discussing Substance Use in the Counseling Center Setting: Applying Motivational Interviewing Strategies
»PowerPoint slides
Jason R. Kilmer

Anxiety Toolbox
»PowerPoint slides
»Coping with panic attacks
Melissa Fallon, Jeanne Keahon, Kerry Wagner, Amy Clarvoe

Dialectical Behavior Therapy for a College Population
»PowerPoint slides
Stephen Gadischkie, Nance Roy & Erin Engle

Doing More With Less: Evolving Evaluation and Intervention Protocols
»PowerPoint slides
Beth Cholette & Melinda DuBois

Pet Loss and College Students
»PowerPoint slides
Jessica Terwilliger

Wellness & Well-being
»PowerPoint slides
Sarah F. Spiegelhoff

What Goes On In The Disability Services Office?
»PowerPoint slides
Kateri Teresa Henkel

Why the Arts in College Counseling Psychotherapy?
»PowerPoint slides
Lourdes Brache-Tabar

June 9th – 11th, 2010 :: 28th Annual Conference :: SUNY College at Oneonta

A time to mourn: Exploring the mystery
»PowerPoint slides
»Presentation notes
Michael Herzbrun

Campus Radio
»PowerPoint slides
Bernadette Peters

Conflict Resolution
»PowerPoint slides
»Conflict Resolution Outline & Worksheet
»Conflict Resolution Small Group Scenarios & Discussion
Meghann Wraight-Steinmetz

Effective Group Programs
»PowerPoint slides
Jeff Van Lone

Gratitude: Insights from the Science of Well-Being
»Part I
»Part I Second Half
»Part II
Robert Emmons

Learning To Slow Down
»Presentation materials
Mike Cammarata

Let’s Talk
»PowerPoint slides
Carrie Cragun

Meeting the Needs of Student: Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury
»PowerPoint slides
Jody Ference

Music in therapy
»PowerPoint slides
»Music in therapy handout
Steve Byrne, Emma Wood, Melissa Fallon

Relationship Violence
»PowerPoint slides
Dupe Akin-Deko & Meredith Beck-Joslyn

Yes Means Yes: A Collaborative Outreach Affirming Positive Relationships
»PowerPoint slides
»Yes Means Yes Series Schedule
Dawn LaFrance

June 9th – 11th, 2009 :: 27th Annual Conference :: Hamilton College

Responding to the Changing Landscape
of College Mental Health
with Comprehensive Crisis Intervention
and Health Promotion Strategies

»PowerPoint slides
Cory Wallack

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