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Dear Colleagues,

Spring is here which means that we are winding down our 2022-2023 academic year. Three cheers for all your hard work and dedication to the students on your campuses!!!  Don’t forget to reward and refuel yourself by attending the CCNY conference in Buffalo, NY also known as the Queen City, City of Good Neighbors, City of No Illusions, Nickel City, Queen City of the Lakes, City of Light, City of Trees.  We have so many nicknames because we are all these things and more…. Our conference theme this year is “Caring for Our Students and Ourselves” which is apropos given all of the challenges we face as mental health professionals in higher education.  We hope to offer three days that encompass both aspects of our theme: caring for self and caring for others.  Of special note: the deadline for Call for Programs has been extended to Monday, May 1st. See the attached call for programs.

Here is what you can look forward to.

The preconference is on Wednesday, June 7th.  Dr. Carlton Green will present a workshop on Responding to and Treating the Trauma of Racism: Bearing Witness in Psychotherapy (6 CEs).  The regular conference will be held Thursday, June 8th – Friday, June 9th (ends at noon).  Our keynote speaker, Dr. Margaret Sallee will share her research on Addressing Burnout in Higher Education: Individual and Organizational Solutions (1.5 CEs).

New this Year!!!!

Conference Connectors

We have a fantastic opportunity to show that CCNY is a community of care by offering to match first time attendees, solo attendees, or just those looking to meet someone new with a seasoned conference attendee.   A conference connector agrees to meet with their new/solo whatever the two of you decide upon.  It could be attendee over a meal, the keynote speaker, the reception, or during a break.   If you would like to volunteer to be a connector, please email, Sharon Mitchell at  Those interested in being matched with a connector will be given the opportunity to indicate this after they register for the conference.

Zen Room

Looking your moment of Zen? Want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the conference?  We have just the place for you.  Our Zen Room will provide a space to relax, reflect, and release.  Walk of our Path of Peace labyrinth, mindful coloring, yoga, aroma therapy, and much more.


Carlton Green, Ph.D.
Responding to and Treating the Trauma of Racism: Bearing Witness in Psychotherapy

Dr. Carlton E. Green is a licensed professional psychologist, and he has more than 25 years of experience in higher education.  He is a former staff psychologist at the University of Maryland’s counseling center.  Currently, Dr. Green is Director of Diversity Training & Education in the Office of Diversity & Inclusion at the University of Maryland.   His expertise is in diversity, equity, and inclusion with a specific focus on race, racial identity, racism, racial justice, and racial healing.  The preconference has the following learning objectives:

  • Define racial trauma and identify related symptoms
  • Describe types of race-related responses to racial trauma and violence
  • Apply understanding of Helms’ Racial Identity Models to therapy interactions
  • Begin to identify barriers to effective race-related communication in therapy
  • Delineate treatment strategies for addressing racial trauma responses
  • Outline the utility of #racialtraumisreal (Jernigan et al., 2015) as an outreach strategy

Keynote Address

Margaret Sallee, Ph.D.
Addressing Burnout in Higher Education: Individual and Organizational Solutions

Dr. Margaret Sallee is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy in the University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education.  Dr. Sallee’s research focuses on the work culture of universities, examining the professional environment for faculty on college campuses as well as the graduate student experience.  Dr. Sallee is also interested in the ways in which faculty, staff and students navigate the demands of work and family, or other life obligations, and the role that the university plays in supporting people’s efforts.  Her talk encompasses the following learning objectives.

  • Explore the reasons why higher education workers feel burned out and demoralized
  • Examine the consequences of burnout for individuals of different identity groups as well as for organizations.
  • Explore ideas for creating workplace conditions that enable workers to flourish.

I forgot to mention one really important fact about CCNY: just about all of the programs will be eligible for CEs for NY state licensed mental health counselors, social workers, and psychologists. We are also able to provide CEs for psychologists outside of NY State through APA.

We are really looking forward to seeing all of you wonderful people.  Just to give you a taste of things to come, we leave you with a video from Dr. Sungmin Shin who is a professor of guitar in the UB music department.  He will be entertaining us with a guitar and violin duet during the CCNY reception on Thursday, June 8th.  Click here and enjoy!

Sharon L. Mitchell, Ph.D.
Senior Director, Student Wellness
Director of Counseling Services
Fellow, American Psychological Association (Div. 17)
University at Buffalo
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