2024 Call For Programs

We are making plans to meet the mental health needs of our students, staff, centers, and institutions. Often we are refining those maps that have proven to be good guidance, and other times we are navigating a course that is new, and each in our unique way. Help your CCNY colleagues to Chart our next course through your lens and vision and in the sharing and presentation of your ideas, projects, and programs.



Due by April 29th, 2024

Possible Areas of Focus:
something to get you thinking

  • Counseling/Clinical Work (Innovations in service delivery, use of technology, Models of service delivery/care, Trends in Mental Health, changing roles, embedded and case management)
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusive Excellence (recruitment and retention of diverse staff, program and outreach for minoritized students, equitable access, social justice and advocacy work with and for our students)
  • Ethics / Law(Impact of changes in legislation on student mental health, Cures Act, How to inform and advocate for mental health)
  • Leadership and Management Strategies
  • Outreach Programming / Prevention
  • Political Topics (Our role on political issues, freedom of speech, neutrality and advocacy)
  • Wellbeing Resources – integrate throughout student life