2020 Keynote Speaker

David Wilcox

Our keynote speaker is singer-songwriter David Wilcox. More than three decades into his career, David continues to tell stories full of heart, humor, and hope, substance, searching, and style. His innate sense of adventure and authenticity is part of what makes his music so powerful, and why his artistry and his humanity shine through in his music. David’s power as a performer is the result of giving himself over in gratitude and service to something bigger than himself. He also understands the importance of mental health and the power of healing, noting “I’m grateful to music. I have a life that feels deeply good, but when I started playing music, nothing in my life felt that good. I started to write songs because I wanted to find a way to make my life feel as good as I felt when I heard a great song. I don’t think I’d be alive now if it had not been for music.” David really gets mental health, and is eager to connect with our CCNY group through songs and discussion about the healing power of words and human connection.