2019 Pre-Conference & Keynote Speakers

June 5th pre-conference will feature renowned pioneer of brief therapy, Dr. Michael Hoyt, who will present on Single Session Therapy, or what is increasingly being referred to as a “One Session at a Time” treatment approach. Dr. Hoyt has published many articles and several books on the approach, has presented extensively – both nationally and internationally, and will show video demonstrations of his approach during the pre-conference. We anticipate up to 6 CEUs will be available for this event.

June 6th keynote speaker will be  Dr. Peter Cornish, one of the chief advocates of the Stepped Care approach to treatment. Dr. Cornish has also presented internationally and has worked with several college counseling centers to help them adopt this approach to student care. Dr. Cornish will detail how his “Stepped Care 2.0” model can efficiently and compassionately tailor treatment to each student’s individual needs and motivation, and his presentation will build on the pre-conference training by Dr. Hoyt, as single session work is often key element of Stepped Care. After his keynote address, Dr. Cornish may also facilitate a panel discussion related to this approach (fingers crossed!).